Cynthia Abril

Dos Soles



Dos Soles is a forward-thinking brand that focuses on wellness through the use of CBD (cannabidiol).  The San Diego based brand takes advantage of  its location by catering  to demographics on both sides of the Mexican-American border. Its aim is to create a bi-cultural brand that speaks to a wide and diverse audience. Furthermore, the brand’s driving vision is to create unity between both sides of the border via the destigmatization of cannabis for medicinal purposes.


I made design choices that distanced this brand from stoner culture. This was achieved through the use of design elements that give the brand an elevated look and feel. The logo is set in “Harbour” a latin-inspired font with blunt edges that is juxtaposed by various clean fonts.  The brand speaks to its demographic through a color palette that reflects Southern California’s flora. Unison between both sides of the border is reflected in the graphic mark of the logo. A sun that is divided down the middle, yet is a united whole. The bright sun gives this brand life and an optimistic tone.